Armitage, Evans and The Gloria Scott

J.A. The initials tattooed in the bend of his elbow which JP Trevor wished to forget and had tried to obliterate.
James Armitage was Trevor's original name.

Japanese cabinet was where Mr Trevor Snr. kept his private papers.

Those in the boat (after the mutiny)were picked up by the brig Hotspur bound for Australia the next day. The Captain believed their story that they were survivors of a passenger ship which had floundered. The Hotspur landed at Sydney.

Evans and Armitage changed their names to Beddoes and Trevor respectively.

They went to the diggings and prospered and returned to England rich men.

Young Trevor went to the Terai tea planting where he did well.

Neither Hudson nor Beddoes were heard of again.

Holmes believed that Beddoes killed Hudson in desperation and fled the country with as much money as he could lay his hands on.

Holmes refers to the Gloria Scott and JP Trevor in the Musgrave Ritual.