Edgar Allen Poe

“You remind me of Edgar Allan Poe’s Dupin." (Dr John Watson)
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Handcuffs produced by Sherlock Holmes

“Why don’t you introduce this pattern at Scotland Yard?” he continued, taking a pair of steel handcuffs from a drawer. “See how beautifully the spring works. They fasten in an instant.” (Sherlock Holmes)
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Inspector Lestrade

There was one little sallow, rat-faced, dark-eyed fellow.

"A well-known detective. He got himself into a fog recently over a forgery case, and that was what brought him here.” (
Sherlock Holmes)

Lestrade) lean and ferret-like as ever, was standing by the doorway, and greeted my companion and myself.

Inspector Lestrade

“I have been down to see friend Lestrade at the Yard. There may be an occasional want of imaginative intuition down there, but they lead the world for thoroughness and method.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Inspector Lestrade

Thin and austere.

Inspector Lestrade

It was no very unusual thing for Mr. Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, to look in upon us of an evening, and his visits were welcome to Sherlock Holmes, for they enabled him to keep in touch with all that was going on at the police headquarters.

Inspector Martin of the Norfolk Constabulary

A dapper little man, with a quick, alert manner and a waxed moustache.

Inspector Lestrade

“The conduct of the criminal investigation has been left in the experienced hands of Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, who is following up the clues with his accustomed energy and sagacity.”


  • A hogshead is a large cask of liquid (less often, of a food commodity). More specifically, it refers to a specified volume, measured in Imperial units, primarily applied to alcoholic beverages such as wine, ale, or cider.

Blue Ribbon

Th Blue Ribbon was worn as a sign of a temperance pledge.
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Brown study

Melancholy thoughtfulness.
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Algar of the Liverpool Force

“I therefore sent off a telegram to my friend Algar, of the Liverpool force, and asked him to find out if Mrs. Browner were at home, and if Browner had departed in the May Day.”

Monogram -Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes monograms on the distinction between ears which was published in an Anthropological Journal.


Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840)
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A type of violin.
Sherlock Holmes said he bought his from a jew peddlar in Tottenham Court Road for 55 shillings but it was worth 500 guineas.


Cover for the back of a chair.
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Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849)
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Henry Ward Beecher

Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)
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General Gordon

Major-Geneal Charles George Gordon CB (1833-1885)
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Sherlock Holmes - Deductions

“You are right, Watson,” said he. “It does seem a most preposterous way of settling a dispute.”

Sherlock Holmes - Character Illustrations

As to my companion, neither the country nor the sea presented the slightest attraction to him. He loved to lie in the very centre of five millions of people, with his filaments stretching out and running through them, responsive to every little rumour or suspicion of unsolved crime. Appreciation of nature found no place among his many gifts, and his only change was when he turned his mind from the evil-doer of the town to track down his brother of the country.

Sherlock Holmes - Sayings

“The features are given to man as the means by which he shall express his emotions.” Read More...

Packets and ears

At two o’clock yesterday afternoon a small packet, wrapped in brown paper, was handed in by the postman. A cardboard box was inside, which was filled with coarse salt. On emptying this, Miss Cushing was horrified to find two human ears, apparently quite freshly severed. The box had been sent by parcel post from Belfast upon the morning before. Read More...

Message to Sherlock Holmes from Inspector Lestrade

Message to SH from Lestrade:

Aldridge who helped in the bogus laundry affair

  • Mentioned by Inspector Lestrade.

Shadwell Police Station, London

Jim Browner’s statement was taken down here.
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New Brighton, Merseyside

New Brighton - Mary Browner and Alec Fairbairn went there, and there Jim Browner followed them, killed them and cut of an ear of each to send to Sarah Cushing.
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Albert Dock, London

Albert Dock where the S.S. May Day berthed (Liverpool, Dublin and London Steam Packet Company)
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New Street, Wallington, London

Home of Miss Sarah Cushing.
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Penge, London

Former home of Miss Susan Cushing where she let apartments to medical students.
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Cross Street, Croydon

Home of Miss Susan Cushing.

Inspector Montgomery

Inspector Montgomery took Jim Browner’s statement at Shadwell Police station.

Alec Fairbairn

“He was a dashing, swaggering chap, smart and curled, who had seen half the world and could talk of what he had seen. He was good company, I won’t deny it, and he had wonderful polite ways with him for a sailor man, so that I think there must have been a time when he knew more of the poop than the forecastle.” (Jim Browner)

Mary Cushing/Browner

Wife of Jim Browner and the youngest of the three Cushing sisters.

Sarah Cushing

She was a fine tall woman, black and quick and fierce, with a proud way of carrying her head, and a glint from her eye like a spark from a flint.

Jim Browner

Husband of Mary Cushing.

Inspector Lestrade

Lestrade, as wiry, as dapper, and as ferret-like as ever, was waiting for us at the station. Read More...

Susan Cushing

Eldest of the three Cushing sisters.

Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard

Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard.

221b Baker Street, London

Home of Sherlock Holmes and at times Dr John Watson.
They (the rooms) consisted of a couple of comfortable bedrooms and a single large airy sitting-room, cheerfully furnished, and illuminated by two broad windows.
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Albert Dock, London

The Bark Lone Star left London from here.
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Inspector Lestrade

A lean, ferret-like man, furtive and sly-looking....


Another word for handcuffs of a particular type used at the time.
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Sign of Four

The Sign of Four. Regarding the Sholto murder and the Agra Treasure and another novel in the Canon.

Dr John Watson

Companion and chronicler of Sherlock Holmes.

Study in Scarlet

The first Novel in the Canon.

Sherlock Holmes

“Well, I have a trade of my own. I suppose I am the only one in the world. I’m a consulting detective, if you can understand what that is. Here in London we have lots of government detectives and lots of private ones. When these fellows are at fault, they come to me, and I manage to put them on the right scent." (Sherlock Holmes) (Study in Scarlet)
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