Untold Cases

Residue of cases

A considerable residue of cases of greater or less interest which I might have edited before had I not feared to give the public a surfeit which might react upon the reputation of the man whom above all others I revere.

Secrets of private families

Apart from these unfathomed cases, there are some which involve the secrets of private families to an extent which would mean consternation in many exalted quarters if it were thought possible that they might find their way into print.

Isadora Persano

Isadora Persano, the well-known journalist and duellist, who was found stark staring mad with a match box in front of him which contained a remarkable worm said to be unknown to science.

The cutter Alicia

The cutter Alicia, which sailed one spring morning into a small patch of mist from where she never again emerged, nor was anything further ever heard of herself and her crew.

James Phillimore

Mr. James Phillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never more seen in this world.

Untold Services

I remember the date very well, for it was in the same month that Holmes refused a knighthood for services which may perhaps some day be described.

Venomous lizard or gila

Remarkable case, that!
  • A venomous lizard native to the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

The Case of Victor Lynch

Victor Lynch, the forger.

The Case of Matilda Briggs

“Matilda Briggs was not the name of a young woman, Watson,” said Holmes in a reminiscent voice. “It was a ship which is associated with the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared." (Sherlock Holmes)

The Case of Mortimer Maberley

“I believe that my late husband, Mortimer Maberley, was one of your early clients.” (Mary Maberley)

“I remember your husband well, madam,” said Holmes, “though it is some years since he used my services in some trifling matter.”

Spencer John Gang

"He is one of the Spencer John gang and has taken part in some dirty work of late which I may clear up when I have time." (Sherlock Holmes)

Forged cheque on the Credit Lyonnais

“Here is the forged cheque in the same year on the Credit Lyonnais.” (Sherlock Holmes)
See also:

Robbery in the train de-luxe

“Here is the robbery in the train de-luxe to the Riviera on February 13, 1892.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Miss Minnie Warrender

“And the complete life history of Miss Minnie Warrender.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Old Mrs Harold

“It’s all here, Count. The real facts as to the death of old Mrs. Harold, who left you the Blymer estate, which you so rapidly gambled away.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Old Baron Dowson

“Really, sir, you compliment me. Old Baron Dowson said the night before he was hanged that in my case what the law had gained the stage had lost. And now you give my little impersonations your kindly praise?” (Sherlock Holmes)

Commission from the Sultan of Turkey

“I also had a commission from the Sultan of Turkey which called for immediate action, as political consequences of the gravest kind might arise from its neglect.” (Sherlock Holmes)

The Case of the Abbey School

“I was clearing up the case which my friend Watson has described as that of the Abbey School, in which the Duke of Greyminster was so deeply involved.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Sir James Saunders

“I was able once to do him a professional service, and he is ready to advise as a friend rather than as a specialist. His name is Sir James Saunders.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Dr Moore Agar of Harley Street

“Dr. Moore Agar, of Harley Street, whose dramatic introduction to Holmes I may some day recount.” (Dr John Watson)


“You know that I cannot possibly leave London while old Abrahams is in such mortal terror of his life.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Brooks or Woodhouse

“Suppose that I were Brooks or Woodhouse, or any of the fifty men who have good reason for taking my life, how long could I survive against my own pursuit?"
  • Not strictly Untold Cases but obviously cases in which Holmes had been involved.

Long Island Cave Mystery

Long Island Cave Mystery. A case of Mr Leverton of Pinkerton's American Agency rather than that of Sherlock Holmes, Nevertheless Holmes was aware of the case and had heard of Mr Leverton because of it.

The Case of Mr Fairdale Hobbs

“You arranged an affair for a lodger of mine last year,” she said — “Mr. Fairdale Hobbs.”
"He would never cease talking of it — your kindness, sir, and the way in which you brought light into the darkness." (Mrs Warren)

Colonel Carruthers

“My dear Watson, you know how bored I have been since we locked up Colonel Carruthers.” (Sherlock Holmes)

The repulsive story of the red leech and others

I see my notes upon the repulsive story of the red leech and the terrible death of Crosby, the banker. Here also I find an account of the Addleton tragedy, and the singular contents of the ancient British barrow. The famous Smith-Mortimer succession case comes also within this period, and so does the tracking and arrest of Huret, the Boulevard assassin — an exploit which won for Holmes an autograph letter of thanks from the French President and the Order of the Legion of Honour.

Conk-Singleton forgery case

Th papers of the Conk-Singleton forgery case.

Abernetty family

The dreadful business of the Abernetty family was first brought to my notice by the depth which the parsley had sunk into the butter upon a hot day.

Wilson, the notorious canary-trainer

The arrest of Wilson, the notorious canary-trainer, which removed a plague-spot from the East End of London.

Sudden death of Cardinal Tosca

His ((Sherlock Holmes) famous investigation of the suden death of Cardinal Tosca - an inquiry which was carried out by him at the express desire of His Holiness the Pope.

Abergavenny murder

“The Abergavenny murder is coming up for trial.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Ferrers documents

“I am retained in this case of the Ferrers Documents.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Archie Stamford

It was near there (Farnham) that we took Archie Stamford, the forger.

John Vincent Harden

A very abstruse and complicated problem concerning the peculiar persecution to which John Vincent Harden, the well known tobacco millionaire, had been subjected.

Bert Stevens

“You remember that terrible murderer, Bert Stevens, who wanted us to get him off in ‘87? Was there ever a more mild-mannered, Sunday-school young man?” (Sherlock Holmes)

Dutch steamship, Friesland

“The shocking affair of the Dutch steamship Friesland, which so nearly cost us both our lives.” (Dr John Watson)

Mrs Stewart of Lauder

You may have some recollection of the death of Mrs. Stewart, of Lauder, in 1887.

Morgan, Merridew and Matthews

Morgan the poisoner, and Merridew of abominable memory, and Mathews, who knocked out my left canine in the waiting-room at Charing Cross.

Molesley Mystery

The Molesley Mystery which you handled fairly well.

Royal Family of Scandinavia

“Between ourselves, the recent cases in which I have been of assistance to the royal family of Scandinavia, and to the French republic, have left me in such a position that I could continue to live in the quiet fashion which is most congenial to me,” (Sherlock Holmes)
  • (Anything to do with the King of Bohemia's Wife? (Scandal in Bohemia) )

Case for the French Government

During the winter of that year and the early spring of 1891, I saw in the papers that he had been engaged by the French government upon a matter of supreme importance.

Three reigning houses of Europe

To my certain knowledge he has acted on behalf of three of the reigning houses of Europe in very vital matters. (Dr John Watson)

The Adventure of the Tired Captain

Sherlock Holmes Journal, Winter 1958, Spring 1959. ©Alan Wilson, 1958, 1959

Manor House Case

Case mentioned to Sherlock Holmes by his brother, Mycroft.

Netherland-Sumatra Company

Netherland-Sumatra Company and of the colossal schemes of Baron Maupertuis.
A Case which caused Mr. Sherlock Holmes such immense exertions in the spring of 1887.

Aldridge who helped in the bogus laundry affair

  • Mentioned by Inspector Lestrade.

Case in Munich

A similar case in Munich the year after the Franco-Prussian war.

Instance in Aberdeen

“A parallel instance in Aberdeen some years back.”

King of Scandinavia

Holmes acted on the King’s behalf in a case.

“I (Lord St. Simon) presume that they were hardly from the same class of society.”
“No, I am descending.” (Holmes)
“I beg pardon.”
“My last client of the sort was a king.”
“Oh, really! I had no idea. And which king?”
“The King of Scandinavia.”

Grosvenor Square furniture Van

Colonel Warburton's madness

Another case which Dr Watson claimed he introduced to Sherlock Holmes.

Tankerville Club Scandal

Sherlock Holmes acted for Major Prendergast in the Tankerville Club scandal when he was wrongfully accused of cheating at cards.

Camberwell Poisoning case

Camberwell poisoning case where Sherlock Holmes was able, by winding up the dead man’s watch, to prove that it had been wound up two hours before, and that therefore the deceased had gone to bed within that time — a deduction which was of the greatest importance in clearing up the case.

Grice Patersons

The singular adventures of the Grice Patersons in the island of Uffa.

British Bark Sophie Anderson

Amateur Mendicant Society

They held a luxurious club in the lower vault of a furniture warehouse.

Adventure of the Paradol Chamber

Hague case

A similar case to that of Mary Sutherland in the Hague the previous year.

Andover case

A similar case to Mary Sutherland’s in Andover in ’77.

Mrs Etherege

Mrs Etherege whose husband Sherlock Holmes found.

Matter from Marseilles

An intricate matter referred to Sherlock Holmes from Marseilles.

Dundas Separation Case

Dundas separation case in which Sherlock Holmes had been engaged in clearing up some small points.

Arnsworth Castle

The Arnsworth Castle business.
  • (The Adventure of Arnsworth Castle by Adrian Conan Doyle (1954))

Darlington substitution

The Darlington substitution scandal.

Delicate matter

A delicate matter for the reigning family of Holland.

Atkinson Brothers

The Case of the Atkinson Brothers at Trincomalee.

Trepoff murder

The Case of the Trepoff murder in Odessa.

Mrs Farintosh

Mrs Farintosh and the case of the Opal tiara. Mrs Farintosh was a friend of Miss Helen Stoner.

Account of Ricoletti of the club-foot, and his abominal wife.

Account of Ricoletti of the club-foot, and his abominable wife.

The singular affair of the aluminium crutch

The singular affair of the aluminium crutch.

The Adventure of the old Russian Woman

The Adventure of the old Russian woman.

Case of Vamberry, the Wine Merchant

Case of Vamberry, the wine merchant.

Tarleton Murders

Tarleton Murders.