Mrs Hudson

Mrs. Hudson has made some change in that figure eight times, or once in every quarter of an hour. She works it from the front, so that her shadow may never be seen.

Mrs Hudson

“Mrs. Hudson has risen to the occasion,” said Holmes, uncovering a dish of curried chicken. “Her cuisine is a little limited, but she has as good an idea of breakfast as a Scotchwoman.” (Sherlock Holmes)

221b Baker Street, London

Home of Sherlock Holmes and at times Dr John Watson.
They (the rooms) consisted of a couple of comfortable bedrooms and a single large airy sitting-room, cheerfully furnished, and illuminated by two broad windows.
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Dr John Watson

Companion and chronicler of Sherlock Holmes.

Palmer and Pritchard

Dr. William Palmer convicted of murder by poison and executed on 6th August 1824 at Stafford, Staffordshire.
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Dr. Edward Pritchard convicted of murder by poison and executed on 28th July 1865 at Glasgow, Scotland.
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Sherlock Holmes - Sayings

My profession is its own reward....

Sherlock Holmes - Character Illustrations

He was a late riser, as a rule....

Sherlock Holmes - Deductions

Now, when young ladies wander about the metropolis at this hour of the morning.... Read More...

Mrs Hudson

Long sufferring Landlady of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Waterloo Station, London

One of the main railway stations in London opened on 11th June 1848.
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Doctors' Commons

Sherlock Holmes visited Doctors’ Commons to view the Will of Mrs Stoner/Roylott. Read More...

Crown Inn

Crown Inn opposite the Manor House at Stoke Moran.

Crane Water

Crane Water, Nr. Reading, Berkshire. Home of Mr Percy Armitage who was engaged to Miss Helen Stoner.
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Harrow, Middlesex. Home of Miss Honoria Westphall.


Crewe, Cheshire (place of the death of Mrs Stoner, in a railway accident.) One of the main junction stations in England at the time.
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Calcutta, India

Calcutta. (Dr. Roylott pracised medicine there and married Mrs. Stoner. In a fit of temper he also beat his native butler to death and served a long prison sentence.)

Leatherhead, Surrey

Leatherhead, Surrey. Presumably nearest train station to Stoke Moran.
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Stoke Moran Manor House

Stoke Moran Manor House, West Surrey.
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Indian Animals and other things

Cheetah....


Wandering gypsies on the estate at Stoke Moran.

Miss Honoria Westphall

The aunt of Miss Helen Stoner. Her late mother’s maiden sister, who lived near Harrow.

Percy Armitage

Percy Armitage — the second son of Mr. Armitage, of Crane Water, near Reading. Engaged to Miss Helen Stoner.

Mrs Stoner/Mrs Roylott

Mrs. Stoner, the young widow of Major-General Stoner of the Bengal Artillery. Read More...

Julia Stoner

Twin sister of Helen Stoner. Murdered by Dr Grimesby Roylott two weeks before her wedding.

Dr Grimesby Roylott

Last survivor of one of the oldest Saxon families in England.... Read More...

Helen Stoner

Helen Stoner was the step daughter of Dr. Grimesby Roylett of Stoke Moran, West Surrey and the twin sister of Julia Stoner.

Mrs Farintosh

Mrs Farintosh and the case of the Opal tiara. Mrs Farintosh was a friend of Miss Helen Stoner.

Sherlock Holmes

“Well, I have a trade of my own. I suppose I am the only one in the world. I’m a consulting detective, if you can understand what that is. Here in London we have lots of government detectives and lots of private ones. When these fellows are at fault, they come to me, and I manage to put them on the right scent." (Sherlock Holmes) (Study in Scarlet)
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