Sherlock Holmes - Deductions

Holmes stirred for the first time.
“The first page on the floor, the second in the window, the third where you left it,” said he.

Sherlock Holmes - Character Illustrations

My friend’s temper had not improved since he had been deprived of the congenial surroundings of Baker Street. Without his scrapbooks, his chemicals, and his homely untidiness, he was an uncomfortable man.

Sherlock Holmes - Sayings

“For once you have fallen low. Let us see, in the future, how high you can rise.”

Gilchrist's tan gloves

Which he left on the chair by the small table in Hilton Soames room.


Proofs of the Greek examination paper which consisted of half a chapter of Thucydides.
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Black dough or clay

A small ball of black dough or clay, with specks of something which looks like sawdust in it.

Shreds from a pencil

On the table in the window were several shreds from a pencil which had been sharpened. A broken tip of lead was lying there also.

Fortescue Scholarship

A large sum of money is at stake, for the scholarship is a very valuable one.

College of St. Luke's

Where the unfortunate incident took place.

Temporary lodgings

Temporary furnished lodgings close to a library in one of our great university towns.

Sir Jabez Gilchrist

Who ruined himself on the turf. Father of Gilchrist the student.

Miles McLaren

A brilliant fellow when he chooses to work — one of the brightest intellects of the university; but he is wayward, dissipated, and unprincipled. He was nearly expelled over a card scandal in his first year.

Raulat Das

An Indian student. He is a quiet, inscrutable fellow; a silent, little, hook-nosed fellow.


A fine scholar and athlete, plays in the Rugby team and the cricket team for the college, and got his Blue for the hurdles and the long jump. He is a fine, manly fellow. Read More...


Servant to Hilton Soames.

Hilton Soames

Tutor and lecturer at the College of St. Luke’s. Read More...

Dr John Watson

Companion and chronicler of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes

“Well, I have a trade of my own. I suppose I am the only one in the world. I’m a consulting detective, if you can understand what that is. Here in London we have lots of government detectives and lots of private ones. When these fellows are at fault, they come to me, and I manage to put them on the right scent." (Sherlock Holmes) (Study in Scarlet)
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