Brixton Road

"I thought I would take a look round and see that all was right down the Brixton Road." (Constable John Rance)
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“It is now referred to the Assizes at Winchester.” (Sherlock Holmes)
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Tottenham Court Road

Premises of Morton and Waylight where Mr Warren worked as a timkeeper.
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British Museum

Holmes spent a morning in the British Museum looking up Voodoo and Negroid Religions.
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Mrs Hudson

Mrs. Hudson has made some change in that figure eight times, or once in every quarter of an hour. She works it from the front, so that her shadow may never be seen.


Advertisement which Holmes had put in all the evening papers.
  • ‘Found at the corner of Goodge Street, a goose and a black felt hat. Mr Henry Baker can have the same by applying at 6.30 this evening at 221b Baker Street.’

Mrs Hudson

“Mrs. Hudson has risen to the occasion,” said Holmes, uncovering a dish of curried chicken. “Her cuisine is a little limited, but she has as good an idea of breakfast as a Scotchwoman.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Blue Carbuncle

Another of the ‘Adventures”.

Inspector Bradstreet

Inspector Bradstreet of Scotland Yard.

Disjecta membra and the pink 'un'

Mr Henry Baker declined to take the ‘Disjecta membra’ of his former goose with him.
  • Disjecta membra translates as ‘scattered fragments’.
  • The pink ‘un’ refers to The Sporting Times.
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Assizes, Penal Servitude

Assize Court now known as the Crown Court
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Penal Servitude. Sherlock Holmes fears John Horner will get seven years Penal Servitude if he is not cleared of the robbery.
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Scotch bonnets, billycocks and ulsters

Mr Henry Baker wore a scotch bonnet after loosing his hat. A scotch bonnet was a flat brimless cap.
  • Sherlock Holmes refers to Mr Baker’s hat as a billycock. This usually described any round crowned brimmed hats of felt, such as the bowler.
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  • Ulster coat and cravats. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson wrapped up against the December weather wearing these clothes.
  • Ulster:
  • A Heavy double-breated overcoat with a belt or half-belt at the back.
  • A scarf of silk or fine wool worn round the neck.

Sherlock Holmes - Deductions

“It is perhaps less suggestive than it might have been,” he remarked. Read More...

Sherlock Holmes - Character Illustrations

“I am glad to have a friend with whom I can discuss my results.” Read More...

Sherlock Holmes - Sayings

“The matter is a perfectly trivial one” — he jerked his thumb in the direction of the old hat — “but there are points in connection with it which are not entirely devoid of interest and even of instruction.” Read More...

Hard felt hat

The hard felt hat belonging to Mr Henry Baker from which Sherlock Holmes was able to deduce so much about its’ owner.

Blue Carbuncle

The carbuncle is a beautiful gem of a rich red color found in the East Indies. Read More...

Man with the Twisted Lip

Another Adventure concerning the disappearance of Mr Neville St. Clair.

Kilburn, London

Maudesley lived in this part of London.
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Pentonville Prison

Maudesley, James Ryder’s friend had served a prison sentence here.
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Brixton Road

Mrs Maggie Oakshott, sister of James Ryder lived at No. 117 Brixton Road.
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Holborn, London

In a quarter of an hour we were in Bloomsbury at the Alpha Inn, which is a small public-house at the corner of one of the streets which runs down into Holborn.
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Covent Garden, London

We passed across Holborn, down Endell Street, and so through a zigzag of slums to Covent Garden Market.
Covent Garden market where Mr Breckinridge sold fowl. He sent two dozen geese to the landlord of the Alpha Inn who gave one to Mr Henry Baker.
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Bloomsbury, London

The area of London which houses the British Museum and the Alpha Inn frequented by Mr Henry Baker.
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Wigmore Street, Oxford Street

After walking through the Doctors’ quarter from Baker Street, Holmes and Watson walked down Wigmore Street and through into Oxford Street.
Wigmore Street
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Oxford Street
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Doctors quarter. Wimpole Street and Harley Street

An area of London renowned for the number of private consulting rooms and specialist doctors.
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British Museum, London

The Museum where Mr Henry Baker spent his days.
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Alpha Inn

The Alpha Inn near the British Museum where the Landlord ran a ‘Goose Club’ and through which Mr Henry Baker received his Christmas goose. This appears to be a fictious Inn.

Amoy River, China

The Amoy River is a fictional name but there is a city known as Amoy on the mouth of a river in China and this would seem to be worth noting.
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Cosmopolitan Hotel

The Countess of Morcar was staying here when the Blue Carbuncle was stolen from her room.

Tottenham Court Road

It was here on the corner with Goodge Street that Mr Henry Baker lost his hat and goose.
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Goodge Street

Mr Henry Baker lost his hat and his goose on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street.
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A friend of Ryder who had ‘gone to the bad’ and to whom he took the goose and where it was cut open to reveal an empty crop.

Maggie Oakshott

James Ryder's sister who fattened fowl for the market.


One of the largest stalls bore the name of Breckinridge upon it, and the proprietor a horsy-looking man, with a sharp face and trim side-whiskers was helping a boy to put up the shutters.

Mr Windigate

Mr Windigate, Landlord of the Alpha Inn near the Museum frequented by Mr Henry Baker.

Inspector Bradstreet

Inspector Bradstreet was on duty at Bow Street police station when Sherlock Holmes called to reveal the answer to the mystery.

Catherine Cusack

Maid of the Countess of Morcar and co-conspirator with James Ryder.

John Horner

Plumber called to fix a small problem in the Countess of Morcar’s room and then accused of stealing the Blue Carbuncle.

Countess of Morcar

From whom the Blue Carbuncle was stolen. It had great sentimental value for her and she offered the reward of £1000 for its return.
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Peterson the Commissionaire

The Commissionaire who brought the goose and the hat to Sherlock Holmes.

Mr Henry Baker

The owner of the goose and the black felt hat. Read More...

James Ryder

Upper Attendant at the Hotel Cosmopolitan(referred to as ‘Jem’ by his sister) who stole the Blue Carbuncle from the Countess of Morcar.

Inspector Bradstreet

Inspector on duty at Bow Street Police Station where Hugh Boone was kept on remand.

221b Baker Street, London

Home of Sherlock Holmes and at times Dr John Watson.
They (the rooms) consisted of a couple of comfortable bedrooms and a single large airy sitting-room, cheerfully furnished, and illuminated by two broad windows.
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Scandal in Bohemia

The case in which Sherlock Holmes tried to recover a photograph of the King of Bohemia and Irene Adler, in appreciation of which the King sent Sherlock Holmes a snuffbox of old gold with a great amethyst in the centre of the lid.

Tottenham Court Road

Site of Mary Sutherland’s father’s plumbing business.
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Dr John Watson

Companion and chronicler of Sherlock Holmes.

Mrs Hudson

Long sufferring Landlady of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Sherlock Holmes

“Well, I have a trade of my own. I suppose I am the only one in the world. I’m a consulting detective, if you can understand what that is. Here in London we have lots of government detectives and lots of private ones. When these fellows are at fault, they come to me, and I manage to put them on the right scent." (Sherlock Holmes) (Study in Scarlet)
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