Main Characters

Lucy Ferrier

A pretty little girl of about five years of age, whose dainty shoes and smart pink frock with its little linen apron, all bespoke a mother’s care. The child was pale and wan, but her healthy arms and legs showed that she had suffered less than her companion. Read More...

John Ferrier

His appearance was such that he might have been the very genius or demon of the region. An observer would have found it difficult to say whether he was nearer to forty or to sixty. His face was lean and haggard, and the brown parchment-like skin was drawn tightly over the projecting bones; his long, brown hair and beard were all flecked and dashed with white; his eyes were sunken in his head, and burned with an unnatural lustre; while the hand which grasped his rifle was hardly more fleshy than that of a skeleton. As he stood, he leaned upon his weapon for support, and yet his tall figure and the massive framework of his bones suggested a wiry and vigorous constitution. His gaunt face, however, and his clothes, which hung so baggily over his shrivelled limbs, proclaimed what it was that gave him that senile and decrepit appearance. The man was dying — dying from hunger and from thirst.

Jefferson Hope

The murderer of Enoch Drebber and of Joseph Stangerson. Read More...

Joseph Stangerson

With a long pale face.

Secretary to Enoch Drebber.

Murderer of John Ferrier.

Inspector Tobias Gregson

A tall, white-faced, flaxen-haired man, with a notebook in his hand.

"Gregson is the smartest of the Scotland Yarders."

"They are both quick and energetic, but conventional — shockingly so." (Sherlock Holmes)

Enoch J. Drebber, Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

A bull-necked youth with coarse, bloated features.

Inspector Lestrade

There was one little sallow, rat-faced, dark-eyed fellow.

"A well-known detective. He got himself into a fog recently over a forgery case, and that was what brought him here.” (
Sherlock Holmes)

Lestrade) lean and ferret-like as ever, was standing by the doorway, and greeted my companion and myself.

Cyanea capillata

A loose roundish mass of tawny membranes and fibres, something like very large handfuls of lion’s mane and silver paper.

Ian Murdoch

The mathematical coach at the establishment, a tall, dark, thin man, so taciturn and aloof that none can be said to have been his friend. He seemed to live in some high abstract region of surds and conic sections, with little to connect him with ordinary life. He was looked upon as an oddity by the students, and would have been their butt, but there was some strange outlandish blood in the man, which showed itself not only in his coal-black eyes and swarthy face but also in occasional outbreaks of temper, which could only be described as ferocious.

Fitzroy McPherson

The science master, a fine upstanding young fellow whose life had been crippled by heart trouble following rheumatic fever. He was a natural athlete, however, and excelled in every game which did not throw too great a strain upon him.

Harold Stackhurst

A well-known rowing Blue in his day, and an excellent all-round scholar. Read More...

Roy the wolfhound

He was a dear, affectionate animal.

Trevor Bennett

A tall, handsome youth about thirty, well dressed and elegant, but with something in his bearing which suggested the shyness of the student rather than the self-possession of the man of the world. Read More...

Professor Presbury

“The professor, Watson, is a man of European reputation. His life has been academic. There has never been a breath of scandal. He is a widower with one daughter, Edith. He is, I gather, a man of very virile and positive, one might almost say combative, character.” (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Sergeant Coventry

Sergeant Coventry, of the local police, who had first examined into the affair. Read More...

Marlow Bates

Manager of Neil Gibson's estate.

Maria Gibson née Pinto

“She was a creature of the tropics, a Brazilian by birth, as no doubt you know.”
“Tropical by birth and tropical by nature. A child of the sun and of passion. She had loved him as such women can love, but when her own physical charms had faded — I am told that they once were great — there was nothing to hold him.” (Marlow Bates)

Grace Dunbar

Governess to the Gibson children.
“The whole world has proclaimed that she also is a very beautiful woman.” (Neil Gibson)

Neil Gibson

The Gold King.
“You mean the American Senator?”
“Well, he was once Senator for some Western state, but is better known as the greatest gold-mining magnate in the world.” (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Killer Evans

“I have identified Mr. John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law. He is none other than ‘Killer’ Evans, of sinister and murderous reputation.” (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Nathan Garrideb

Mr. Nathan Garrideb proved to be a very tall, loosejointed, round-backed person, gaunt and bald, some sixty-odd years of age. He had a cadaverous face, with the dull dead skin of a man to whom exercise was unknown. Large round spectacles and a small projecting goat’s beard combined with his stooping attitude to give him an expression of peering curiosity. The general effect, however, was amiable, though eccentric.

Jacky Ferguson

15 year old son of Robert Ferguson.

Wife of Robert Ferguson

Peruvian wife of Robert Ferguson.

Robert Ferguson

Mr. Robert Ferguson, of Ferguson and Muirhead, tea brokers, of Mincing Lane. Read More...

Isadora Klein

Tall, queenly, a perfect figure, a lovely mask-like face, with two wonderful Spanish eyes which looked murder at us both. Read More...

Douglas Maberley

“Dear me! Are you the mother of Douglas Maberley? I knew him slightly. But of course all London knew him. What a magnificent creature he was! Where is he now?” (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Mrs Mary Maberley

A most engaging elderly person, who bore every mark of refinement and culture.

Lord Cantlemere

A thin, austere figure with a hatchet face and drooping mid-Victorian whiskers of a glossy blackness which hardly corresponded with the rounded shoulders and feeble gait.

Sam Merton the boxer

The prize-fighter, a heavily built young man with a stupid, obstinate, slab-sided face, stood awkwardly at the door, looking about him with a puzzled expression.

Count Negretto Sylvius

“Half-ltalian, you know, and with the Southern graces of manner when in the mood, but a devil incarnate in the other mood.” (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Godfrey Emsworth

He was Colonel Emsworth’s only son.

Colonel Emsworth

The greatest martinet in the Army in his day, and it was a day of rough language, too. Read More...

Mr James M. Dodd

A big, fresh, sunburned, upstanding Briton.

Shinwell Johnson

A huge, coarse, red-faced, scorbutic man, with a pair of vivid black eyes which were the only external sign of the very cunning mind within. Read More...

Kitty Winter

A slim, flame-like young woman with a pale, intense face, youthful, and yet so worn with sin and sorrow that one read the terrible years which had left their leprous mark upon her. Read More...

Violet de Merville

Young, rich, beautiful, accomplished, a wonder-woman in every way. Read More...

Baron Adelbert Gruner

The Austrian Murderer.

Sir James Damery

He has rather a reputation for arranging delicate matters which are to be kept out of the papers. Read More...

Dr Leon Sterndale

Lover of Brenda Tregennis.

Brenda Tregennis

Sister of Mortimer, Owen and George Tregennis.

Mortimer Tregennis

Brother of Brenda, Owen and George Tregennis.

A thin, dark, spectacled man, with a stoop which gave the impression of actual, physical deformity. Read More...

Hon. Philip Green

He was an Englishman, though of an unusual type. Read More...

Wife of Dr Shlessinger

Annie his so-called wife, an Englishwoman named Fraser, is a worthy helpmate.

A tall, pale woman, with ferret eyes.

Dr Shlessinger

A Dr. Shlessinger and his wife, a missionary from South America. Read More...

Lady Frances Carfax

“Lady Frances,” he continued, “is the sole survivor of the direct family of the late Earl of Rufton. The estates went, as you may remember, in the male line. She was left with limited means, but with some very remarkable old Spanish jewellery of silver and curiously cut diamonds to which she was fondly attached — too attached, for she refused to leave them with her banker and always carried them about with her. A rather pathetic figure, the Lady Frances, a beautiful woman, still in fresh middle age, and yet, by a strange chance, the last derelict of what only twenty years ago was a goodly fleet.” Read More...

Culverton Smith

“It may surprise you to know that the man upon earth who is best versed in this disease is not a medical man, but a planter. Mr. Culverton Smith is a well-known resident of Sumatra, now visiting London. An outbreak of the disease upon his plantation, which was distant from medical aid, caused him to study it himself, with some rather far-reaching consequences.” (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Colonel Valentine Walter

Younger brother of Sir James Walter.

A very tall, handsome, lightbearded man of fifty.

Inspector Lestrade

Thin and austere.

Arthur Cadogan West

"The young man who was found dead on the Underground on Tuesday morning.” Read More...

Mycroft Holmes

“Well, well! What next?” said he. “Brother Mycroft is coming round.”
“Why not?” I asked.
“Why not? It is as if you met a tram-car coming down a country lane. Mycroft has his rails and he runs on them. His Pall Mall lodgings, the Diogenes Club, Whitehall — that is his cycle. Once, and only once, he has been here. What upheaval can possibly have derailed him?” Read More...

Gennaro Lucca

“He had neither money nor position — nothing but his beauty and strength and energy.”(Emilia Lucca)

Husband of Emilia Lucca and murderer of Black Gorgiano.

Emilia Lucca

There, framed in the doorway, was a tall and beautiful woman — the mysterious lodger of Bloomsbury.

Wife of Gennaro Lucca.

Giuseppe Gorgiano

Black Gorgiano of the Red Circle.
“Oh, he has a European fame, has he? Well, we’ve learned all about him in America. We know he is at the bottom of fifty murders, and yet we have nothing positive we can take him on. I tracked him over from New York, and I’ve been close to him for a week in London, waiting some excuse to get my hand on his collar.” (Mr Leverton) Read More...

Mrs Warren-Landlady

Landlady who consulted Sherlock Holmes about her strange new tenant.

Miss Burnet

An Englishwoman of forty or thereabouts.. Governess to Mr Henderson’s two children-girls of eleven and thirteen. Read More...

Mr Lopez

A foreigner, chocolate brown, wily, suave, and cat-like, with a poisonous gentleness of speech.

Mr Henderson of High Gable

He is a man of fifty, strong, active, with iron-gray hair, great bunched black eyebrows, the step of a deer, and the air of an emperor — a fierce, masterful man, with a red-hot spirit behind his parchment face. He is either a foreigner or has lived long in the tropics, for he is yellow and sapless, but tough as whipcord. Read More...

Aloysius Garcia

He was, I understood, of Spanish descent and connected in some way with the embassy. He spoke perfect English, was pleasing in his manners, and as good-looking a man as ever I saw in my life. (John Scott Eccles)

Inspector Baynes of the Surrey Constabulary

The country detective was a stout, puffy, red man, whose face was only redeemed from grossness by two extraordinarily bright eyes, almost hidden behind the heavy creases of cheek and brow.

Mr John Scott Eccles

Mr John Scott Eccles of Popham House, Lee was a stout, tall, gray-whiskered and solemnly respectable person. His life history was written in his heavy features and pompous manner. From his spats to his gold-rimmed spectacles he was a Conservative, a churchman, a good citizen, orthodox and conventional to the last degree.

Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope

Wife of the Rt. Hon. Trelawney Hope.

Rt. Hon. Trelawney Hope

Dark, clear-cut, and elegant, hardly yet of middle age, and endowed with every beauty of body and of mind, was the Right Honourable Trelawney Hope, Secretary for European Affairs, and the most rising statesman in the country.

Lord Bellinger

Austere, high-nosed, eagle-eyed, and dominant, was none other than the illustrious Lord Bellinger, twice Premier of Britain.

Teresa Wright

Maid to Lady Mary Brackenstall.

Captain Jack Crocker

First Officer on the S.S. Rock of Gibraltar.

He was a very tall young man, golden-moustached, blue-eyed, with a skin which had been burned by tropical suns, and a springy step, which showed that the huge frame was as active as it was strong.

Lady Mary Brackenstall (nee Mary Fraser of Adelaide, South Australia)

Wife of Sir Eustace Brackenstall.

Inspector Stanley Hopkins

“Hopkins has called me in seven times, and on each occasion his summons has been entirely justified,” said Holmes. “I fancy that every one of his cases has found its way into your collection.”

Dr Leslie Armstrong

The square, massive face, the brooding eyes under the thatched brows, and the granite moulding of the inflexible jaw. A man of deep character, a man with an alert mind, grim, ascetic, self-contained, formidable.

Godfrey Staunton

The crack threequarter, Cambridge, Blackheath, and five Internationals.

Cyril Overton, Trinity College, Cambridge

An enormous young man, sixteen stone of solid bone and muscle, who spanned the doorway with his broad shoulders, and looked from one of us to the other with a comely face which was haggard with anxiety.

“I was first reserve for England against Wales, and I’ve skippered the ’Varsity all this year.”


Professor Coram’s wife.

Professor Coram

An invalid, keeping his bed half the time, and the other half hobbling round the house with a stick or being pushed about the grounds by the gardener in a Bath chair. He was well liked by the few neighbours who called upon him, and he has the reputation down there of being a very learned man. Read More...

Inspector Stanley Hopkins

A promising detective, in whose career Holmes had several times shown a very practical interest.


A fine scholar and athlete, plays in the Rugby team and the cricket team for the college, and got his Blue for the hurdles and the long jump. He is a fine, manly fellow. Read More...


Servant to Hilton Soames.

Hilton Soames

Tutor and lecturer at the College of St. Luke’s. Read More...


His name, it appeared, was Beppo, second name unknown. He was a well-known ne’er-do-well among the Italian colony. He had once been a skilful sculptor and had earned an honest living, but he had taken to evil courses and had twice already been in jail — once for a petty theft, and once, as we had already heard, for stabbing a fellow-countryman. He could talk English perfectly well.

Inspector Lestrade

It was no very unusual thing for Mr. Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, to look in upon us of an evening, and his visits were welcome to Sherlock Holmes, for they enabled him to keep in touch with all that was going on at the police headquarters.

Charles Augustus Milverton

Charles Augustus Milverton was a man of fifty, with a large, intellectual head, a round, plump, hairless face, a perpetual frozen smile, and two keen gray eyes, which gleamed brightly from behind broad, gold-rimmed glasses. There was something of Mr. Pickwick’s benevolence in his appearance, marred only by the insincerity of the fixed smile and by the hard glitter of those restless and penetrating eyes. His voice was as smooth and suave as his countenance, as he advanced with a plump little hand extended, murmuring his regret for having missed us at his first visit.

John Hopley Neligan

The nocturnal visitor was a young man, frail and thin, with a black moustache, which intensified the deadly pallor of his face. He could not have been much above twenty years of age. I have never seen any human being who appeared to be in such a pitiable fright, for his teeth were visibly chattering, and he was shaking in every limb. He was dressed like a gentleman, in Norfolk jacket and knickerbockers, with a cloth cap upon his head.
See also:

Captain Peter Carey

“He was born in ’45 — fifty years of age. He was a most daring and successful seal and whale fisher. In 1883 he commanded the steam sealer Sea Unicorn, of Dundee. He had then had several successful voyages in succession, and in the following year, 1884, he retired.” Read More...

Inspector Stanley Hopkins

Our visitor was an exceedingly alert man, thirty years of age, dressed in a quiet tweed suit, but retaining the erect bearing of one who was accustomed to official uniform. I recognized him at once as Stanley Hopkins, a young police inspector, for whose future Holmes had high hopes while he in turn professed the admiration and respect of a pupil for the scientific methods of the famous amateur. Hopkins’s brow was clouded, and he sat down with an air of deep dejection.

Rueben Hayes

A squat, dark, elderly man was smoking a black clay pipe. We approached the forbidding and squalid inn, with the sign of a game-cock above the door,
Landlord of ‘The Fighting Cock’ Inn and co-abducter of Lord Saltire.

James Wilder

Illegitimate son of the Duke of Holdernesse and co-abducter of Lord Saltire. Read More...

Duke of Holdernesse

He was a tall and stately person, scrupulously dressed, with a drawn, thin face, and a nose which was grotesquely curved and long. His complexion was of a dead pallor, which was more startling by contrast with a long, dwindling beard of vivid red, which flowed down over his white waistcoat, with his watch-chain gleaming through its fringe.
Father of the abducted Lord Saltire.

Dr Thorneycroft Huxtable M.A., Ph.D., etc.

Founder and principal of the Priory School in the north of England. The Priory is, without exception, the best and most select preparatory school in England. Read More...

Jack Woodley

“Mr. Woodley seemed to me to be a most odious person. He was for ever making eyes at me — a coarse, puffy-faced, red-moustached young man, with his hair plastered down on each side of his forehead. “ (Violet Smith) Read More...

Bob Carruthers

A much older man, who was more agreeable. He was a dark, sallow, clean-shaven, silent person, but he had polite manners and a pleasant smile.

Violet Smith

A young and beautiful woman, tall, graceful, and queenly.

Abe Slaney

The most dangerous crook in Chicago.

Inspector Martin of the Norfolk Constabulary

A dapper little man, with a quick, alert manner and a waxed moustache.

Elsie Cubitt nee Patrick

“You’ll think it very mad, Mr. Holmes, that a man of a good old family should marry a wife in this fashion, knowing nothing of her past or of her people, but if you saw her and knew her, it would help you to understand.” (Hilton Cubitt)

Hilton Cubitt

He was a fine creature, this man of the old English soil — simple, straight, and gentle, with his great, earnest blue eyes and broad, comely face.

Inspector Lestrade

“The conduct of the criminal investigation has been left in the experienced hands of Inspector Lestrade, of Scotland Yard, who is following up the clues with his accustomed energy and sagacity.”

Jonas Oldacre

Mr. Jonas Oldacre is a bachelor, fifty-two years of age, and lives in Deep Dene House, at the Sydenham end of the road of that name. He has had the reputation of being a man of eccentric habits, secretive and retiring. Read More...

John Hector McFarlane

Junior partner of Graham & McFarlane, of 426 Gresham Buildings, London. Read More...

Colonel Sebastian Moran

The second most dangerous man in London.

Honourable Ronald Adair

Second son of the Earl of Maynooth.

Professor Moriarty

He is extremely tall and thin, his forehead domes out in a white curve, and his two eyes are deeply sunken in his head. He is clean-shaven, pale, and ascetic-looking, retaining something of the professor in his features. His shoulders are rounded from much study, and his face protrudes forward and is forever slowly oscillating from side to side in a curiously reptilian fashion. Read More...

Arthur Pinner

A middle-sized dark-haired, dark-eyed, black-bearded man, with a touch of the sheeny about his nose. He had a brisk kind of way with him and spoke sharply, like a man who knew the value of time.

Hall Pycroft

The man whom I found myself facing was a well-built, fresh-complexioned young fellow, with a frank, honest face and a slight, crisp, yellow moustache. Read More...

Joseph Harrison

Brother of Annie Harrison.

Annie Harrison

Fiancée of Percy Phelps and sister of Joseph Harrison. Read More...

Percy (Tadpole) Phelps

“He was a very brilliant boy and carried away every prize which the school had to offer, finishing his exploits by winning a scholarship which sent him on to continue his triumphant career at Cambridge.” Read More...

Giggling man-William Kemp

A man of the foulest antecedents.


Paul Kratides

“A gentleman clad in some sort of loose dressing-gown who moved slowly towards us. As he came into the circle of dim light which enabled me to see him more clearly I was thrilled with horror at his appearance. He was deadly pale and terribly emaciated, with the protruding, brilliant eyes of a man whose spirit was greater than his strength. But what shocked me more than any signs of physical weakness was that his face was grotesquely criss-crossed with sticking-plaster, and that one large pad of it was fastened over his mouth.” (Mr Melas)

Harold Latimer

“A very fashionably dressed young man, came up to my rooms and asked me to accompany him in a cab which was waiting at the door.” (Mr Melas)

Mr Melas

A short, stout man whose olive face and coal black hair proclaimed his Southern origin, though his speech was that of an educated Englishman.

Mycroft Holmes

Mycroft Holmes was a much larger and stouter man than Sherlock. His body was absolutely corpulent, but his face, though massive, had preserved something of the sharpness of expression which was so remarkable in that of his brother. His eyes, which were of a peculiarly light, watery gray, seemed to always retain that far-away, introspective look which I had only observed in Sherlock’s when he was exerting his full powers.

Dr Percy Trevelyan

A pale, taper-faced man with sandy whiskers rose up from a chair by the fire as we entered. Read More...

Mr Blessington/Sutton

A singular-looking man, whose appearance, as well as his voice, testified to his jangled nerves. Read More...

Corporal Henry Wood

He appeared to be deformed, for he carried his head low and walked with his knees bent. Read More...

Nancy Barclay/Devoy

The daughter of a former colour-sergeant in the same corps. (Royal Munsters) Read More...

Colonel James Barclay

He was a dashing, jovial old soldier in his usual mood, but there were occasions on which he seemed to show himself capable of considerable violence and vindictiveness.

Alec Cunningham

Son of JP Cunningham.

Justice of the Peace Cunningham

He was an elderly man, with a strong, deep-lined, heavy-eyed face.
See also:

Inspector Forrester

The official, a smart, keen-faced young fellow, stepped into the room.

Colonel Hayter

Colonel Hayter was a fine old soldier who had seen much of the world, and he soon found, as I had expected, that Holmes and he had much in common. (Dr John Watson)

Sarah Cushing

She was a fine tall woman, black and quick and fierce, with a proud way of carrying her head, and a glint from her eye like a spark from a flint.

Jim Browner

Husband of Mary Cushing.

Inspector Lestrade

Lestrade, as wiry, as dapper, and as ferret-like as ever, was waiting for us at the station. Read More...

Susan Cushing

Eldest of the three Cushing sisters.

Inspector Gregory

Inspector Gregory, to whom the case has been committed, is an extremely competent officer. Read More...

John Straker

John Straker, is a retired jockey who rode in Colonel Ross’s colours before he became too heavy for the weighing-chair. He has served the colonel for five years as jockey and for seven as trainer, and has always shown himself to be a zealous and honest servant.

Colonel Ross

Owner of King’s Pyland stables and Silver Blaze.

Silver Blaze

“Silver Blaze,” said he, “is from the Somomy stock and holds as brilliant a record as his famous ancestor.” Read More...

Jephro Rucastle

A prodigiously stout man with a very smiling face and a great heavy chin which rolled down in fold upon fold over his throat with a pair of glasses on his nose.

Violet Hunter

She was plainly but neatly dressed, with a bright, quick face, freckled like a plover’s egg, and with the brisk manner of a woman who has had her own way to make in the world.
“I should not ask it of you if I did not think you a quite exceptional woman.” (Sherlock Holmes)

Sir George Burnwell

He is one of the most dangerous men in England — a ruined gambler, an absolutely desperate villain, a man without heart or conscience. (Sherlock Holmes) Read More...

Mary Holder

Mary Holder, niece of Alexander Holder.

Arthur Holder

Arthur Holder son of Alexander Holder.

Alexander Holder

Alexander Holder of the banking firm of Holder & Stevenson, of Threadneedle Street. The senior partner in the second largest private banking concern in the City of London. Read More...

Hattie Doran

Hatty Doran only daughter of Aloysius Doran, San Francisco. Read More...

Lord Robert St. Simon

Lord Robert Walsingham de Vere St. Simon second son of the Duke of Balmoral. Read More...


Elise who tried to warn Mr Hatherley and eventually aided him in his escape from the house.

Colonel Lysander Stark aka Fritz

A man rather over the middle size, but of an exceeding thinness. Read More...

Victor Hatherley

Hydraulic Engineer. His visit to Eyford, Berkshire late one night led to some dire consequences for him. Read More...

Mr Henry Baker

The owner of the goose and the black felt hat. Read More...

James Ryder

Upper Attendant at the Hotel Cosmopolitan(referred to as ‘Jem’ by his sister) who stole the Blue Carbuncle from the Countess of Morcar.

Hugh Boone - Neville St. Clair

Now for the sinister cripple who lives upon the second floor of the opium den.... Read More...

Neville St. Clair

“Some years ago — to be definite, in May, 1884 — there came to Lee a gentleman, Neville St. Clair by name who appeared to have plenty of money.” Read More...

Colonel Elias Openshaw

He was a singular man, fierce and quick-tempered, very foul-mouthed when he was angry, and of a most retiring disposition. Read More...

John Openshaw

The man who entered was young, some two-and-twenty at the outside, well-groomed and trimly clad, with something of refinement and delicacy in his bearing. I could see that his face was pale and his eyes heavy, like those of a man who is weighed down with some great anxiety.

Inspector Lestrade

A lean, ferret-like man, furtive and sly-looking....

Miss Alice Turner

Daughter of Mr John Turner.

Mr James McCarthy

Accused of the murder of his father, Charles McCarthy. Read More...

Mr Charles McCarthy

Neighbour of John Turner and father of James McCarthy. Read More...

Mr John Turner

Mr John Turner aka Black Jack of Ballarat of the Ballarat Gang. Read More...

James Windibank

James Windibank was the second husband of Mary Sutherland’s mother and fifteen years younger than her. Read More...

Mary Sutherland

A large woman with a heavy fur boa round her neck, and a large curling red feather in a broad-brimmed hat which was tilted in a coquettish Duchess of Devonshire fashion over her ear.

Vincent Spaulding

Vincent Spaulding (aka John Clay) employee of Mr Jabez Wilson who was prepared to work for half wages. He pointed out the advertisement from the ‘Redhaded League’ to Mr Wilson.

John Clay

John Clay, (aka Vincent Spaulding)the murderer, thief, smasher, and forger. Read More...

Jabez Wilson

Our visitor bore every mark of being an average commonplace British tradesman, obese, pompous, and slow. Read More...

Irene Adler

Irene Adler. Born in New Jersey in the year 1858. Read More...

Count von Kramm

Count von Kramm alias Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel Felstein, hereditary King of Bohemia. Read More...

Dr John Watson

Companion and chronicler of Sherlock Holmes.

Mrs Effie Munro

Formerly married to John Hebron of Atlanta and now the wife of Mr Grant Munro.

Mr Grant Munro

A tall young man entered the room. He was well but quietly dressed in a dark gray suit and carried a brown wide-awake in his hand. I should have put him at about thirty, though he was really some years older.
Referred to as ‘Jack’ by his wife Effie. He was a hop merchant with a good income.
See also:

Dr Grimesby Roylott

Last survivor of one of the oldest Saxon families in England.... Read More...

Helen Stoner

Helen Stoner was the step daughter of Dr. Grimesby Roylett of Stoke Moran, West Surrey and the twin sister of Julia Stoner.


The name which JP Trevor’s fellow convict, Evans, used after their escape and return to England.

James Armitage

The name of JP Trevor upon his conviction and transportation.

Rachel Howells

2nd Housemaid at the Manor House, Hurlstone.


Brunton, the butler. He was a young schoolmaster out of place.... Read More...

Reginald Musgrave

Owner of the Manor House of Hurlstone, West Sussex. Setting for the story. Read More...

Victor Trevor

Son of JP Trevor. Attended same college as Holmes. Became friends after Trevor’s bull terrier bit Holmes’ ankle.... Read More...

Justice of the Peace Trevor

Widower - Home - Donnithorpe, Norfolk. Landed Proprietor....


Sailor on the Gloria Scott and its only survivor after the explosion and its destruction. Returned to blackmail JP Trevor and Evans years later. Read More...

Jack Prendergast

A convict on the Gloria Scott and in a cell on one side of Trevor. Read More...

Sherlock Holmes

“Well, I have a trade of my own. I suppose I am the only one in the world. I’m a consulting detective, if you can understand what that is. Here in London we have lots of government detectives and lots of private ones. When these fellows are at fault, they come to me, and I manage to put them on the right scent." (Sherlock Holmes) (Study in Scarlet)
See also: