Gloria Scott-facts and figures

The Gloria Scott Left Falmouth on 8th October 1855. Bound for Australia. Destroyed N.Lat 15 degrees 20'.W.Long 25 degrees 14' on November 6th 1855. Height of the Crimean War.
Gloria Scott had been in the Chinese tea trade. Old fashioned, heavy bowed, broad beamed craft. 500 ton boat.

38 convicts.
26 crew.
18 soldiers.
3 Mates.
4 Warders.

Lieutenant Martin and his 18 soldiers were not bought by Prendergast's partner.

Eight of them, five convicts, and three sailors said they would not stay on the ship to see murder done. Prendergast gave them a boat and a suit of sailor togs each, a barrel of water, two casks, one of junk and one of biscuits, a compass, and a chart. They were told they were shipwrecked in Lat 15 degrees and Long. 25 degrees west.

Cape Verdes 500 miles north.
African coast 700 miles east.

First mate - bold and active man.